How to ruin your ads, all while thinking you're improving them!

April 7, 2024 by JaKobe Sanders

Is it possible that something you’re convinced is saving your marketing is actually killing it? Contrary to popular belief, yes. It’s very possible. Within the next few paragraphs,I'm going to reveal to you how one specific copywriting principle can destroy the effectiveness of your content, while being disguised as its savior. Ready? I hope so. Let's dive into it.

When you begin to write marketing material, whether it's captions, tweets, or full sales pages, you tend to want to stuff in as much information as possible. I mean, it's your business. Why wouldn’t you want everyone to know as much as you do? Almost every entrepreneur has been at that point where your first sales page or social media posts are completely chock full of information you see as necessary and exciting, but we all (at least most of us) eventually realize the same thing. less is more. It’s after that initial revelation that things can turn very sour, very quick. Many entrepreneurs, maybe even yourself, can very easily fall victim to making everything too brief, mainly websites and any advertisements they may or may not run. Yes, it’s best practice to get your business’s main ideas across clearly and concisely, but…are you missing something?

“Missing what?” you may ask. And to that I say, YOUR OFFER. You must be positively sure that your intended audience can answer 3 things after reading ANY of your sales copy. WHAT service/product are you offering? WHY should they care? And, if we’re talking about an ad, HOW can they get in touch with you to acquire said service/product? If your advertisement or landing page can’t answer those questions EFFECTIVELY, you’re dead. Your prospect either won’t care what you have to say, or they’ll look for someone else who can answer those questions better. Now, after reading this, you may be a bit confused. “Say enough, but not too much? How can I know if my content is achieving that goal?” Say less, my friend. That is why today I’m offering the option for you to have any marketing content you want reviewed in a FREE consultation. No more worrying if your message is achieving its intended effect. Get in touch, TODAY and let’s see what improvements we can make!

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